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About Demand Forecast

The system simplifies the forecasting process and increases its accuracy. At the same time, it reduces the operational burden on the supply chain team, which allows it to change its focus from operational tasks to strategic ones.

Benefits of using
SMART Demand Forecast

Accurate forecasting of regular and promotional sales will allow you to ensure that your business has the right inventory in time, maximize sales and improve service levels at a low cost.

Increased forecast
accuracy with AI & ML

SMART Demand Forecast is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. This will help take into account all the necessary factors that affect forecast accuracy, including your experience with a particular SKU and product group.

Reduced inventory

Powerful analytics and high forecasting accuracy make it possible to ensure the availability of goods at the right time and in the required quantity, without creating an overstock.

Optimization of
availability level

Intelligent algorithms provide high forecast accuracy, which has a direct impact on maintaining a high level of product availability. As a result, you not only increase profits, but also improve the level of service and the reputation of the business as a whole.

Saved labor costs

Optimizing the planning and analytics process in SMART Demand Forecast helps avoid team overload, shifts their focus from operational to strategic tasks, and reduces human error.

Reduced write-offs

High forecasting accuracy helps ensure the optimal level of goods to meet consumer demand, while avoiding the creation of surpluses in the warehouse. This in turn allows you to reduce the number of write-offs.

Prompt business
decision making

Powerful Power BI analytics allows you to quickly make management decisions based on up-to-date data. In SMART Demand Forecast, you can conduct sales retrospectives, analyze the quality of input data, the quality of promo sets and compensated sales.

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Functions of the SMART Demand Forecast system

  • Modeling
  • Work with analogs
  • Analytics

Why choose SMART Demand Forecast 

Comprehensive approach 

Possibility of simultaneous forecasting of regular and promo sales. 

Data security 

The system guarantees GDPR compliance and takes care of the security of your personal data. 

Expert team 

Interaction with experienced specialists in the implementation of IT solutions, demand forecasting and data management.  

Integration with Microsoft 

Using a single ecosystem of Microsoft solutions allows you to set up fast and high-quality integrations. 

How does SMART Demand Forecast
affect your business? 

The system calculates the optimal quantity
of goods to meet demand

Ensuring proper availability in points
of sale 

Prevention of overstock
in the warehouse 

Reducing lost sales 

Decrease in funds frozen in stocks 

SMART Decision HUB

Demand forecasting
in retail

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Increasing competition, the constant impact of promotional campaigns on the assortment, changing buying behavior and context, dependence on changing external factors – all this plays an important role in demand forecasting.

SMART Demand Forecast allows not only to take into account all these factors, but also to improve the accuracy of operational, medium-term and long-term forecasts. And the Power BI block built into the interface makes it possible to analyze the results at any time.

See for yourself in the pilot project!

How is forecast system implemented? 

Step 1

Pilot project 

Drawing up a plan and fixing the goals & KPIs of the project, describing all your business processes, determining the state of your database, organizing secure interaction. Preparation and launch of the model, subsequent analysis of its results. 

Step 2

Product testing

Coordination of the test plan and schedule, setting up the integration process and deploying the solution infrastructure. Organizing training sessions for users on the use of the system. Testing the product, analyzing the results and making a decision to launch the system. 

Step 3

System launch 

Scaling the use of the solution. Support of system functionality
in accordance with emerging requests. 

Our goal is your business result

With you every step of the way 

We support you at every stage: from proper data structuring to applying algorithms to all SKUs and stores. 

Effective ML & AI algorithms 

The system is based on ML & AI algorithms that constantly learn from your data and improve the accuracy of forecasting. 

Guaranteed data security 

We care about ensuring a high level of data security and GDPR compliance. 

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